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Tricks to sell house fast Coventry

Tricks to sell house fast in Coventry

Fancy a few Tricks to sell house fast Coventry? If you’d like to sell your house fast, just contact us and you don’t need any tricks to sell you house.

Sell house fast Coventry

However, if you’d like to go via the traditional route of listing your house, here are resources that can help you with that.

Phil Spencer speaks about how to sell your house fast in the below episode of the Move iQ Property Podcast:


Here are a few tricks that could help sell your house fast:

1. Brighten up the garden

First and last impressions count the most when it comes to a viewing.

Your driveway and front garden will be the first thing that viewers see, so it’s best to make a good impression from the start.

“Nine out of ten buyers make their mind up within five minutes of arriving, therefore it’s key to make sure that everything looks perfect on the driveway, the front lawn and the garden,” says Rupert Sweeting, head of country sales at Knight Frank.

“Likewise, as viewers leave, don’t let them have an excuse for lessening their interest. Striped lawns, weed-free, full flowerbeds, painted windows, well-maintained facades and raked gravel all help,” he adds.

2. Look outside the boundaries of your property

“You may want to spend a few hundred pounds on things which aren’t just yours but could make a massive difference to a buyer’s first impression,” says James Robinson, general manager at mews specialist Lurot Brand.

“If there’s dumped furniture in the street, even if it’s a long way up the street, get it cleared.”

Get a gardener to clean up weeds around cobbled areas, clear any rubbish that might have blown onto your neighbour’s garden and do both sides of the hedge when you trim it.

3. Tidy up your hallway

Hallways are often overlooked but they’re the first part of the house viewers will see and it’s important to clear the debris.

“Ensure the entrance hall or lobby are de-cluttered,” says Anne Currell, group CEO at Currell. “Put all your ‘once a year’ coats into storage boxes or, even better, have a coat cleanse. The same goes for any boots and shoes stored near the door.”

4. Give your house a deep clean

Though giving your house a spring clean prior to visitors looking around may seem obvious, it really can make a difference when you’re trying to sell.

Cory Askew, area director at Chestertons, says a spring clean, inside and out, can help with the overall presentation of a home for visitors.

“A deep clean on the entire property can make a big difference for quite a small cost.”

5. Don’t do anything drastic

Sweeting says that now is not the time to redo your bathroom or kitchen.

“I normally don’t recommend that sellers undertake a lot of work when trying to sell – such as redoing a tired kitchen or bathroom. Often the new buyers will want to make their own changes to a property and may not share the vendors’ tastes or styles.”

6. But DO make small changes

Make sure your home is up to scratch when you’re selling by tidying up the tired paint jobs suggests Oliver Veen, sales manager at Foxtons. He explains that freshening up your home with small DIYjobs helps a buyer visualise the property as their own.

Clear storage spaces too, so that potential buyers aren’t met with jam-packed cupboards.

“Space is a hugely valuable commodity for today’s buyers. To take advantage of this, decluttering should be a big focus for sellers,” says Veen

Likewise, repainting the front door and investing in a new doormat can also really help a property stand out and, best of all, these small tasks can be done over a weekend.

7. Clean your windows

Giving the windows and mirrors in your home a wipe down is key to showing prospective buyers around your home and, on a sunny day, any smudges will definitely show.

“Washing the windows is another simple yet effective task that allows buyers to enjoy the ever-blooming landscape,” Alex Lyle, sales director at Marsh & Parsons, advises.

8. Bring the outside in

Flowers make a house feel like a home, says Nick Leeming, chairman of Jackson-Stops, and are especially effective when selling during spring.

He adds, “Placing a bunch of freshly-picked tulips or daffodils in the kitchen will not only add some colour to the space but may even work as a conversation starter when leading potential buyers to the beautiful manicured lawn and flowery borders!”

9. Use light carefully

Sellers often underestimate light and this can be very important when selling a house, says Currell.

“Consider a few well-placed sidelights rather than a full on centre light, especially for evening viewings. It makes a space look so much more homely.”

Finishing touches:

  • Give your surfaces a wipe down and don’t leave washing or dishes lying around.
  • Don’t cook chilli the night before a viewing as cooking smells linger for longer than you think.
  • Keep family photos and ornaments to a minimum.

Tricks to sell house fast Coventry – full article here.



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