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Guaranteed Rent Coventry

Guaranteed Rent Coventry

Sell My Quickly Coventry is a guaranteed rent provider in Coventry and surrounding areas. Our sole aim is to take as much of the hassle out of renting whilst mitigating most of the usual risks and achieving good rents for the landlord. We partner with companies within the social sector to house vulnerable people. We are generally looking for 3+ bed houses but we are happy to discuss further your case.

If you’d like to let you property fast on a guaranteed rent scheme, please contact us to discuss the approach.


Guaranteed rent start date

We will guarantee the rent start date.

No empty periods

The rent is guaranteed even when the property is empty.

0% Commission

There is no commission to pay on the guaranteed rent scheme.

Free repairs

We compete minor repairs at the property free of charge.

Free property inspections

Inspections are completed every 8-12 weeks by your dedicated property inspector.

Flexible leases

We offer flexible Tailor made contracts of 1-5 years to suit your needs.

Good rent achieved

We work with social providers so are able to source the market to achieve a good rental income.

No additional costs

We will complete all check in’s, checks out’s and property checks and even cover council tax & utilities between tenancies.

Free refurbishments

We might refresh the property each time a tenant moves out to ensure it’s ready for a new tenant to move into.

No eviction costs

If a tenant needs to be evicted during the term we manage this process and cover the cost.

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